Membership in the Sicknes Fund Rollikka and Membership fee

Membership in the Sickness Fund Rollikka

Joining the Fund

Membership in the fund is voluntary for employees. One joins the fund by filling the application form which can be found on our web page.

All membership issues including new members are addressed in the meeting of the Board. These meetings take place once a month.  Applicants must fill and send the application to be addressed in the board meeting within 2 months of the commencement of employment.

A member can withdraw from the membership also during the employment period. The member will automatically resign from the fund when one no longer belongs to its sphere of action. In general, this means the end of employment in a company whose employees are able to be members of Rollikka. The list of companies can be found on our web page.

Membership fee

Membership fee is 39,90 euros per month. The fee will be taken from the salary of a member by one’s employer.

During an unpaid leave (e.g. temporary layoff) a member may pay the membership fee oneself. In such cases one must send a specific blank to fund’s office. In this blank one declares the time period during which one pays the membership fee oneself. In cases of unpaid fees one is not entitled to have the benefits and reimbursements offered by the Fund during the unpaid leave.

One is entitled to the fund benefits as a member, the right to claim reimbursement begins as soon as one is a listed member of the fund. Reimbursement of glasses and dental health requires a membership which has lasted for one year.