Applying for reimbursement

●Always send the invoice and a receipt which proves that the invoice is paid.

●Rollikka will process also those applications of its members where one has the right for reimbursement from Kela as well. These cases fall under the Health Insurance Act.

─ Fill the blank Kela SV 127e  

─ Travel costs: fill the blank Kela SV 4

●Medicinal costs: send blank Kela SV127e, the calculation given by pharmacy and the original receipt.

● Visits to public health care: send the invoice and a receipt which shows that the invoice is paid.

●Application must be delivered to the fund’s office within six months from the payment of the costs.

●In reimbursements where a doctor’s prescription is needed please make sure that you deliver the original prescription to the office. The prescription must be signed and dated before the treatment (e.g. physiotherapy, psychological therapy) has taken place.

●Member of the Fund is entitled to compensation regarding eyeglasses and dental care when they have been a member for a one year. Requirements to the compensation are met when the member has paid the member fee for 12 months.