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General information

Rollikka is a sickness fund for employees and it takes care of the health insurance and supplementary benefit issues of its members.

Our headquarters is situated in Tampere, Finland, while our clientele formed by our members resides all over Finland.  We have approximately 2 000 members  from various companies within our range of services.

Kindly note that the benefits listed are for the members of this fund in particular – other funds have their own rules and regulations concerning their benefits. In this brochure the term fund refers solely to Rollikka.

In Finland the general public organization for social security is Kela, which takes care of all people who are entitled to social security in Finland, based on either residency or work in Finland ( The fund offers to supplement this social security by paying reimbursement to its members.

Our members’ Kela issues concerning reimbursement on medical fees, medicines and travel costs are processed in the Fund. We also process applications of sickness allowance and parental allowances. However, other issues regarding social insurance issues are processed in Kela.

Employers whose employees can become members of Rollikka

  • Cargotec Finland Oy (Tampereen tehdas)
  • Valmet Automation Oy
  • Valmet Technologies Oy
  • Valmet Oyj
  • Valmet Kauttua Oy
  • Valmet Flow Control Oy
  • Valmet Automotive Oy ja Valmet Automotive EW Power Oy
  • Satron Instruments Oy
  • Lentokonetehtaan Ravinto-osuuskunta ja  Peijakka osk.
  • Vindea Oy
  • HUB logistics Packaging Oy:n Valmet Technologies Oy/Kudokset-liiketoimintayksikön toimipiste
  • Contitech Finland Oy